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  The first object/movement theatre show performed in a giant kaleidoscope,

exploring imaginary dimensions of the deep sea. 

The concept and design has been inspired by drawings of Ernst Haeckel as well as

extraordinary creatures, art forms and bioluminescence found in marine environment.

Ernst Haeckel sea creature on black background

The show fuses optical illusion, puppetry of crafted objects,

light and shadow casting, movement and music in a kaleidoscopic vision.

It is a dynamic sensory experience that plays with

the viewers' perception of space, sense of illusion and reality .


    The Moulin aux Chimeres (F) artists' collective

is devoted to bringing audiences innovative and unique experiences by

interweaving performamce, design, craft and sound.

Their trademark performing equipment, a giant kaleidoscope

has been providing a platform for open ended visual experimentation since 2002.

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Contact / feedback

For more info and booking, please contact us on kaleidoscope@no-log.org .

You can also leave a comment here it might appear later on our blog 


  • blue metalic arms sq
  • XL kaleido in TMG
  • dark red star
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